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Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Here we have a selection of topical articles on Architectural Building Materials and Building Products from a variety of building suppliers and manufacturers.......

Most people (private and trade) obtain building materials from their local Builders Merchants. Some use DIY warehouses such as B and Q but they all will stock branded names that are tried and trusted throughout the Building Industry.

Builders and Main Contractors will order architectural building products from a specification or schedule of works as completed by an Architect, Technologist or Surveyor. Much of the building materials are specified while others may be generic or 'as equal and approved' meaning any suitable material that complies to a set standard offering greater flexibility to the client or builder for potential cost savings often at the expense of quality.

Cheap building materials does not always mean inferior quality but this is something to watch out for. Many alternative cheap architectural building products have been tested to a suitable British Standard, Kite Mark or Agrement certificate. The last certification is potentially the best & most widespread standard to look out for when comparing like for like cheap building products.

Here we list some articles on the more well known 'branded' type of architectural building materials and services that will give you a good idea of their function and performance.

  • catnic lintels
    Catnic - Galv. Steel Lintels . Arches are decorative elements formed over wall openings in a building. These are erected over door, window or any opening into rooms like lounges or dining rooms. Brick arches can be horizontal or curved.
  • knauf drywall
    Knauf Drywall - Dry Linings, Plaster and Plasterboard . Insulated Dry Lining of internal walls is not the only way to insulate and line the internal walls of a building. However it is sometimes near impossible to maintain the building aesthetics, architectural features and building structural integrity in existing properties except with insulated dry lining.
  • hanson building products
    Hanson - Blocks and Bricks. Not all rocks make good aggregate, and a potential quarry or pit site is evaluated extensively for the quality of its aggregate before digging, drilling, or blasting take place. So how is the quality of aggregate evaluated?
  • pilkington building products
    Pilkington building products. Pilkington K glass is high transmission rate type of glass that appears just as clear as regular clear float glass. In absorbs more of the heat that would ordinarily escape from a home, and is used in building conservatories.
  • rmc concrete products
    Ready mixed concrete is concrete that is pre-mixed and can be referred to as, concrete that is manufactured at a batching plant or factory. This is made to a set recipe and then delivered to the workplace or work site. This process results in concretes which have a very precise mixture and this helps achieve specialty concretes to be developed and used on the construction sites...
  • pilkingtons tiles group
    If you are going to buy ceramic tiles for a ceramic tile backsplash, floor tiles, wall tiles or even ceramic tiles for ornamentation there are specific factors to know in choosing which tile is best for your application. Not all tiles are created equal and the differences can determine if your ceramic tiles will hold up to the use you are putting them. For example, low fire tiles or tiles that have only been through a bisque firing are generally less expensive but not nearly as durable as high fired tiles.
  • rmc specialist products
    If you are involved in building a house then you may have heard of cavity closers. If not you should read on. Everything you need to know about cavity closers is enclosed in this article. What they are for and how they are used is contained here. You will also learn the different types of closer that are available.
  • s and p coil products
    Home heating is something that all homeowners must think about if they want to have a comfortable living space. Even if you live in warm climates, being able to control the heat and warmth of your home is crucial to having a pleasant home. For this reason, home heating systems are a very popular addition among homeowners. They give you a great way to improve the "feel" of the home without making any large aesthetic changes. The main thing you have to consider is cost, but other than that, there are still a few things to think about before proceeding.
  • tarmac topblock
    The current focus of the green building community is on recycled materials and energy efficiency at the expense of indoor air quality and source reduction. The outstanding balance of source reduction, energy efficiency, low embodied energy, absence of toxins and ozone depleting substances, and noise reduction, make cellular lightweight concrete the ultimate green building material.
  • ingersol rand security
    Door locks provide the first line of defense against theft in any home or business. Nothing is more important than making sure property and occupants are safe from those who do harm. Consumers have choices when securing a house or office and it pays to research the various locking mechanisms available before making a final decision about what to buy and install.
  • ls leaderflush shapland
    While constructing or buying a home each and every detail should be taken into consideration this includes everything that is necessary to enhance the beauty of the house, for example the windows, the doors, the internal doors, etc. If you are planning on renovating your house to suit your style the first thing you need to do is see if the internal doors need to be changed or replaces.
  • dorma
    Door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings but may also be used around the home. They have a variety of uses and applications one of the main ones being to keep a door closed to limit the spread of fire and draught throughout a building. There are many different types of door closer available ranging from the simplest gate spring up to the more industrial floor springs.
  • ward insulated panels
    Insulated metal panels are injected with polyurethane. Typically injected through two panels of aluminum or steel, the polyurethane is injected as liquid-like foam, and as it dries, it expands to fill the entire cavity with no gaps. The added panel and security of the unique triple layer design allow for extreme protection from weather damage, theft, and accidents that can occur in and around the workplace...
  • sikkens
    The most basic function of the finish is to protect the wood it self if the what is left to the natural condition it will get dirty stain scratched and may warp and twists as it comes in contact with moisture. A good wood finish will keep the wood clean and prevent it from becoming damage. Unfinished wood has a dry matte texture that hides the beauty of the grain.
  • telling architectural
    The possibilities for curtain wall designs are endless, and even companies that engineer these amazing wall design facades will tell you that the challenge to create a feature with a material they have never used, or a design that seems impossible, is an exciting opportunity. These fabulous works of art continue to span the globe wherever notable structures are found.
  • besam automatic doors
    Automatic doors and good secure access control used to be two totally different types of door entry systems. With modern materials and high-tech design it is possible to combine access control and automatic doors without compromising security, yet still maintaining entry systems that are pleasing to the eye. When we talk of security in the same topic as entrances, it often relates to safety and fire as well as access control.
  • euro brick systems
    Stone cladding is becoming a much loved feature of home design. It's simple, it's tough, and it's a great design feature. It's also a good alternative to other forms of cladding which may clash with the look of a modern home. This is one of the most dependable, easiest to work with forms of cladding, as well as a great aesthetic option. Stone cladding is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of cladding with designers, home owners and builders.
  • ardex
    People tend to research a lot before short listing the tiles for their homes. These days, you can find several options in front of you. Hence, you need to measure factors like temperature, foot traffic, slip resistant, frost resistant etc before buying the tiles. It is necessary to make the right choice otherwise you might repent later.
  • ancon building products
    If you're building a wall you need to do the job properly. You could be building your new home or possibly adding an extension onto an existing property. Whatever the purpose of your new wall; you'll want it to last for a long time, be stable, and also be thoroughly insulated.
  • ardex2
    At some point you may have a damaged sub-floor. Sub-flooring occasionally will be composed of alternative materials. It is unfortunate, but even the most enduring material will crack or mildew.
  • britannia kitchen ventilation
    Nowadays, having a good ventilation system is as important as having a good head chef, and, due to health and safety regulations, ventilation systems are now required in all British commercial kitchens; without one, you could be prosecuted and fined. A kitchen without a ventilation system is a safety hazard, as working within catering can produce large amounts of heat, as well as fumes and vapours. Ventilation systems are needed in kitchens to remove them and dispel them to a safe, external location.
  • ardex3
    Floor screeds on a concrete slab are laid when a developer has finished the slab concrete. This is after all other building elements are complete. Floor screeds are the layers of cement and sand mix laid onto concrete as a finish.
  • swish building products
    uPVC is the first choice for builders and housing projects due to its efficiency at saving energy, it's extremely toughness, and the dramatic way it can improve the appearance of your home as well as adding value to its price. Check online where you'll find suppliers of soffit vents, fascia boards, shiplap cladding, barge board, guttering and all the accessories needed.
  • becker sliding partitions
    There are various types of sliding glass partitions from which you could make a wise choice. Glass is by far the most common material that customers go for. Glass sliding doors are of many types and each type is designed for a certain purpose, but all together, they are designed to fill in any possible gap,
  • union door furniture
    Doors! Like we all know, be it a business place or a house, we all need doors for various reasons: Privacy, beauty, security, etc. And that is why people spend a bit more extra money on the doors and the quality of the wood.
  • space air conditioning
    Buying an air conditioning installation package in the UK can be a difficult decision for most business, building or home owners. There are various manufacturers, different system types and many factors to take into consideration, not just the bottom line price of the initial installation. The following details will enlighten you to what you need to consider before going ahead with an air conditioning system installation in your office, retail shop or commercial building. Please follow the links to get further information to support this article in more detail if you so wish.
  • akzo nobel decorative coatings
    Exterior painting can be a fun task to take on by helping the outside of your house feel more welcoming in the neighborhood. It can be a way to express yourself and let your home remain unique with a paint scheme that you decide on. There are some very important prep procedures to remember before you begin the exterior house painting to achieve the perfect results.
  • monodraught
    As the "Green" movement marches forward, we're all becoming a little more aware of how our day-to-day lives affect the environment. One simple home improvement you can make that adds natural beauty to a room, while reducing your reliance on natural resources is the addition of solar light pipes.
  • schott uk
    If you've got a 60 or 90 minute fire rating requirement and you're looking to enhance the looks of your building as well what product can you use? Answer - a stylish and contemporary option are 60 and 90 minute fire rated glass blocks. In this article you'll learn the following about these products: The features and benefits of fire rated glass masonry units, where to use fire rated blocks.
  • wavin plastics
    Most do it yourself home plumbers and handyman will utilize plastic pipes in their home or cottage plumbing repair, retrofit or upgrade renovation projects. Plastics and plastic piping has no doubt been a boom, a great step forward, for do it yourself project types. What used to be complex tasks that required a professional plumber or other tradesperson is now a relative breeze.
  • owa uk
    Is your existing ceiling looking damaged and cluttered with pipe works and wires? Well why don't you think about getting suspended ceilings installed? What are suspended ceilings?
  • osma underfloor heating
    Explore the range of companies in the UK which supply and install underfloor heating. If you are weighed down by the need to choose a supplier for your home or office, this article helps to explore a variety of the uk leading businesses.
  • pilkington building products uk
    Glass is used in various applications as doors, windows, conservatories, bottle, and vision glass. Pilkington K glass is energy saver of your home.
  • kingspan off site
    SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are an alternative method of construction. SIPs are a stronger, faster, and greener method of construction when compared to stick-frame construction.
  • wards of bristol
    This document makes the case for the introduction of New legislation to set minimum requirements of standards for house signs across the UK. Clearly such legislation is currently in the early discussion stage but the strong social economic and environmental factors make the introduction of new laws to compel home owners to install adequate high quality house signs, just a matter of time.
  • wade international drainage
    The underground drain system of a house takes the waste from soil pipes and gullies to the main public sewer (if the house is on mains drainage) or to a septic tank or cesspool (if mains drainage is not available). The layout of underground drains is rather less standardised than that of above-ground soil and waste pipes, and because it is hidden it is a little more difficult to trace.
  • hunter plastics
    Sewage and drain systems are part of modern history and essential part to understand the process of development of construction of water systems in human history process. In ancient world, most of the sophisticated Sewage and Drain and water systems, where built in and for the kings and the rich people. It was until, everyone in the society understood that it was a common problem.
  • komfort office environments
    With open plan office spaces becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary businesses, office partitions are quickly becoming an essential feature of office fitouts for many reasons. Most commonly they are located in between workstations in an office space to provide employees with some privacy and segregation in open plan settings. When used in this way, partitions can be a highly effective way of providing each worker with an individual, productive working environment.
  • briggs and forrester group
    In the summertime, everyone wants to enjoy those warm and long summer evenings. And what's more enjoyable than the fact that you can do this outside! Quietly set in a chaise lounge or around a good dinner on your terrace, or walking in your garden.
  • carrier air conditioning
    Air conditioners not only reduce the room temperature in hot summers, but also serve to dehumidify and filter the air. Perfect indoor climate increases the quality of life. This is the only means of optimum temperature, humidity and air purity, we feel comfortable.
  • gilberts louvres
    Like with most modern innovations, warm air heating brings with it enhanced efficiency and practicality. For commercial property owners, this means more savings on bills over an extended period of time. That's why there now exist companies which specialise in warm air heating systems of all kinds and complexities, both in the installation stages right through to servicing, maintenance and repair.
  • advanced ergonomic technologies
    There aren't many hard and fast rules about home office design - our jobs and lives are unique and will influence each individual situation. But a few basic ideas apply almost universally, and will help to guide you towards making the best with your resources.
  • building simulation ltd
    The latest generation of 3D design software offers building owners new insight into how construction projects will affect the final look of a building. Design professionals use the software to help clients visualize their proposals and save money on construction costs.
  • noral limited
    Through questions and answers we will try to introduce the basics of the contemporary LED lighting. Explaining the facts about LED will help you to decide if LED lighting is ready to be introduced in your home or office.
  • dow chemical company
    Insulation is high on everyone's agenda these days when it comes to designing an energy efficient home. Timber frame offers the best possible attributes to get the most out of your insulation. Here are just a few types of insulation that you can use to make your home energy efficient.
  • lawrence hewitt partnership
    If you own a multi-storied hotel, tourist resort or an apartment builder company, then you should aware of efficient building management system and access control home automation system. It means, there is an electronic networking within the building for the operation of each and every electronic gadgets and equipments.
  • colman moducel
    Geothermal energy has gained a considerable amount of popularity in recent years as an energy source for modern air handling units. Whether you are looking for an efficient power source for your air cooling and heating units in your small business or are simply tired of paying for the high cost of electricity, you might have heard of geothermal energy and wondered exactly what kind of role it plays in supplying energy for air handling and ventilation systems. This article will provide an overview of what geothermal energy is, how it works, and why it is one of the best options a person can consider for heating and cooling units in business or home situations.
  • twyford bathrooms
    Are you planning to upgrade or to renovate your bathroom? If yes, read this article to know the latest bathroom designs in the market. Our bathroom is one important area of our house which needs all the care and attention to make it presentable and beautiful.
  • telling architectural
    Why do we continue to use quick and easy products on buildings that were meant to last thousands of years? Natural Hydraulic Lime mortar has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Find out some of the history and reasons to choose Natural Lime Mortar for your next Historic Restorations project.
  • icl power systems
    For those who are already using natural gas as their source of electricity, the use of a natural gas generator will be more beneficial because it can be directly connected. In comparison to other kinds of generators, you will find out what makes it distinct from the others.
  • raychem smart products
    A DIY fan can install electrical underfloor heating and there are websites and companies available that will provide guidance on how to fit the heating system. Electrical underfloor heating is more then just a heating system for the home: greenhouses, driveways, and farm animals can also benefit.
  • architectural lighting
    Architectural light fixtures are bit trickier to pick out than domestic light fixtures. There are several things to consider when light fixtures are to be put up into buildings open to the general public verses buildings housing private residences.
  • marley floors
    The best way to preserve your garage floor is to use garage flooring tiles. Garage floor tiles make the floor in your garage smoother and create a more level surface. From a decorative standpoint, the tiles make the floor in your garage more attractive.
  • viessmann
    This is a brief introduction to solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (electric) technologies in residential applications. Learn about differences in price, appearance, and function if you're considering solar for your home.
  • levolux limited
    Solar shades, whether manual or motorized, are rapidly becoming a popular energy efficient home upgrade. A robust UV inhibitor, these energy efficient window treatments can cut heat and glare while protecting your view.
  • kludi uk
    Building a new home can be a very exciting time. In turn so can the prospect of redecorating a certain room in your home. All too often people quickly jump right to the task and don't stop to think the project through first.
  • artemide
    Home interior lighting has a way of taking a house and making it a warm and inviting home. Not only can the right lighting help you to make your space more functional, but it also will provide the perfect ambiance you are going for as well. It is amazing the difference a few light fixtures appropriately placed can make in a home.
  • marshall tuflex rain water guttering
    Rapid increase of water consumption due to population explosion and urbanization has added to water woes. Water a precious natural resource needs conservation like any other resources of our planet earth though it occupies two third of the earth's surface.
  • advanced ergonomic technologies2
    If you are in the building trade then now is the time to target the top end of the market. When times are economically difficult it is important to remember where the money is and how to get your product to appeal to market. There is still activity in the luxury property market. However, this is a competitive market. It is not just about making the property look like a luxury home, it has to function like one.
  • kingspan insulation
    Insulation is one of those big home projects you would need to put some thought on before hitting up a contractor. There are different types that serve different purposes for different kinds of structures. Reading up on them prior to consulting a professional can help you make a good decision as to what could best benefit your home needs.
  • kingspan access floors
    Data centers, computer rooms, and equipment rooms are nothing less than the nerve centers of your operations, and building them on the right foundation is critical. Learn why Raised Access Floors are beneficial and what they can do for you.
  • c and b systems
    Fresh and clean bathrooms with chic decor accessories play wonders in offering a sensuous bathing feel in hectic mornings as well as relaxed weekends. Creating focal points in bathrooms, various accessories blend well with the design and colour scheme of the room. These are widely used in homes, hotels and resorts and offer a rejuvenating bathing experience.
  • polyflor
    Epoxy and latex paint is the most common garage floor covering options. The wide variety of color and texture options you can select from to fit your current design or theme is one of the main reasons they are so popular. You can protect your cement from oil, grease, and dirt with the use of epoxy and latex paint.
  • halton vent master
    There are many options available when buying a kitchen range hood. It can be confusing the best of times to choose an appliance for the kitchen, but the range hood is an expensive item that you need get right on your first purchase.
  • task systems
    While working at home is beginning to be a very good idea, there are some aspects that one should keep in mind while setting up a home office and its furnishings. Here are the top three tips that you should adhere to while setting up a home office with furnishings. Moving place is very important while buying furniture for any room, be it the office or the home or the living room or the dining room. If there is no moving space within the room, one might start feeling trapped in the room and...
  • polyflor2
    Vinyl flooring, also known as linoleum, is an elegant and inexpensive way to cover floors in any home. It is also convenient and easy to clean, which is perfect if you have pets or young ones running around.
  • ls longden
    Interior doors serve as the main access points inside a house or office. Installing these doors in your home can help you to enhance the beauty and style of the interiors of your home.