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SCHOTT UK - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

SCHOTT UK Limited is the Stafford based sales and distribution subsidiary of SCHOTT AG, the international special glass technology company.Included in the range are products whose exceptional physical and chemical properties make them essential components in advanced technology for science, research and industry.

SCHOTT UK was founded in the 1970's to promote and distribute the SCHOTT Groups products within the UK and Ireland. The majority of operations involve business to business sales across a number of routes to market. They are active in supplying bespoke products for OEM supply as well as standard products into distribution channels.

These products cover many different market segments including construction, pharmaceuticals, domestics appliances and renewable energy. The various businesses are operated by a number of application specific field based sales managers who are supported by office based finance, order processing and internal sales staff.

General market strategy is agreed with the respective SCHOTT business units and implemented locally through the general management and marketing services functions.
Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably benefit from using their products during the build.  Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate their products within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building product for inclusion within their own house extension scheme.

Using Fire Rated Glass Blocks to Create Safe and Stylish Windows and Walls

If you've got a 60 or 90 minute fire rating requirement and you're looking to enhance the looks of your building as well what product can you use? Answer - a stylish and contemporary option are 60 and 90 minute rated glass blocks. In this article you'll learn the following about these products:

The features and benefits of fire rated glass masonry units o Where to use fire rated blocks.

The features and benefits of using these glass masonry units

The main reason to use a fire rated block vs. a standard block is to meet UL ratings of 60 and 90 minutes for window assemblies (a standard block has a 45 minute rating). The following are some additional benefits you'll get with these specialized glass units:

1. Transparency, looks, and light transmission - The blocks are available in Vue (see through) and higher privacy patterns (Endura and Decora from Pittsburgh Corning and Wave from Mulia) and provide 75% visible light transmission.

2. Noise reduction - These blocks have thicker faces of 3/8", ¾" and 3" of solid glass. The thicker face result in an improved sound transmission class to reduce noise of 53 for Solid Vistabrik glass bricks, and 48 for the sixty and ninety minute rated blocks.

3. Added security- Since the rated assemblies are mortared together, and the blocks have thicker faces, they have increased impact resistance and are harder for vandals to break through. The faces on these blocks are 50% thicker for 60 minute blocks and 300% thicker for 90 minute blocks than a standard block.

4. Architectural design flexibility - Use one pattern or combine all 3 patterns to create unique designs with increased ratings.

5. Bullet and graffiti resistant - The Vistabrik 3" solid glass blocks and bricks can resist penetrations from high impact weapons with.357 magnum and 9 mm bullets. The non-stick glass surface makes it easier to remove graffiti as well.

Where to use fire rated blocks

Since fire rated block windows and walls will generally cost about 50 to 100% more than a standard glass block project (and will visually appear the same to someone looking at your building) they are generally used where the additional fire rating capabilities are either required or desired for additional safety. Here are some of the more popular places this product is used:

1. Limited lot line communities where the side walls of adjoining homes are close together - A project in Columbus Ohio is considering 90 minute fire rated Thickset Decora pattern block for condominium style homes that are 12 feet apart from each other. The fire department requires a 90 minute rated window product and the builder wants to make sure all the rooms are light filled and feel open for prospective buyers.

2. Stairwells in schools, hospitals, parking garages, libraries, and homes - Provides light and the feeling of safety.

3. Windows in gymnasiums, homes, factories and other commercial buildings - The blocks are hard to break with gym equipment or in a harsh industrial setting.

4. Building corridors.

5. Multi unit apartment and condominium complexes - more light gets into each unit without sacrificing the tenant or owners privacy.

As you can see fire rated glass blocks can do much more than simply increase safety in a building - they can enhance looks, increase privacy, and make a more secure and safe environment as well.