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MARLEY FLOORS LTD. - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Marley have earned themselves the reputation of providing quality and innovative flooring solutions to the commercial, domestic and industrial markets.

The high range of commercial flooring includes semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheet and tiles, vinyl laminates, chlorine free safety, static control and high resolution photos have been designed to meet the aesthetic and exacting demands of healthcare, education, retailing, housing and other commercial environments.

Polyflor is based in Manchester and is a leading manufacturer of the commercial floor coverings. Polyflor became the pioneers of the homogeneous vinyl floor coverings in the 1950's.

Altro excels themselves with their high standard of vinyl safety floor. Setting standards for the underfoot safety and hygiene in terms of high performance. With the introduction of the easy clean technology Altro are innovators within the market.

Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably benefit from using their products during the build.  Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate their products within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building product for inclusion within their own house extension scheme. 

Garage Floor Tiles for Durability

The most popular of the three is the non-flexible plastic type. The others are not as commonly used which are rubber and flexible plastic tiles. There are those who use wood tiles that come in a variety of sizes from two by two to one foot in length and width. The cost of larger tiles is a more expensive, but if you want your floor to stand out and be noticed then the cost is worth it.

The installation of these tiles is fairly easy, and they are also easy to maintain and are durable. These are some of the other benefits of having tiles on your garage floor. With non-tiled flooring, it can be expensive if you happen to have any mishaps with dropping heavy items and causing chips in the floor. The repair of the floor can be time consuming and expensive. If you have a tiled floor you can simply and quickly replace the tile if it becomes damaged at a far more reasonable cost.

There are also other flooring options for your garage such as mats. These mats are rubberized and made of flexible plastic and not always accommodating to everyone. Because some people work in the garage a majority of the time, the flooring can take a beating with daily use and rubber simply may not hold up to this kind of wear and tear. The garage can subject to rough use and many hope that their floor will last for years to come. This is the reason that tiles are used instead of alternative options such as mats. The tiles are usually sturdy and scratch resistant.