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EUROBRICK SYSTEMS - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Eurobrick Systems are the original and best for brick slips and stone faced cladding providing a fast, cost effective way to get the real look, feel and durability of brick and stone walling. Eurobrick cladding has the added benefit of thermal insulation, and also helps to save energy, providing a greener alternative to traditional brick and stonework.

Although traditional bricks look great and feel great, when they are used as a veneer to provide a weatherproof skin for the outer wall of a building, they offer no real structural stability. They are also heavy, expensive and impractical for use in modern construction methods. However, our brick slips and stone faced cladding systems are lightweight and very easy to install, saving you both time and money and because the Eurobrick System is so versatile you can use it almost anywhere.

Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably benefit from using their products during the build.  Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate their products within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building product for inclusion within their own house extension scheme.

Stone Cladding - Designer's Dream Materials

Stone cladding is becoming a much loved feature of home design. It's simple, it's tough, and it's attractive.  It's also a good alternative to other forms of cladding which may clash with the look of a modern home. This is one of the most dependable, easiest to work with forms of cladding and it's becoming increasingly popular  with designers, home owners and builders.

Stone cladding- What it is and how it's made

Stone cladding is also called "dressing". The range of types of cladding varies from brick-like cladding called strip cladding to random pattern designs, a bit like a mosaic in abstract. The cladding is composed of cut stone, fixed to a surface. The construction of random patterns, which include various different shapes of stone pieces, is actually very closely related to a form of traditional stone masonry, fitting cut stone together creates a good strong surface.

Stone goes with anything

This is called "decorative" stonework, but in practice it's real stone, and the benefits include a range of very practical uses. Stone cladding uses very high quality stone like quartzite, sandstone, limestone and slate, and these stones are both beautiful features and area coverage.

The stone cladding also behaves like stone. It acts as an insulator. Stone is very temperature resistant. The stone clad fireplaces you sometimes see are designed to reflect heat outwards from the fire. As external cladding, it's very tough, and effectively indestructible. It outperforms all other forms, in this regard, because any maintenance requirements will be minimal.

Stone cladding- the perfect design feature

It's in the colour and texture area that stone cladding leaves everything else for dead. It comes in an entire spectrum of shades from a truly elegant range of blacks and whites, to brilliantly toned reds, yellows and blues. Stone cladding creates vibrant living spaces and beautiful aesthetics.

This is where natural stone really makes a design point. The huge range of colour can be used in any environment. It can be a quiet, beautiful design feature, or a fabulous excursion into colour usage, a collage of colour and form.

The universal popularity of stone cladding is no coincidence. Designers are happy to work with the endless possibilities it provides and home owners love the results. It's also a good way of doing something about bland, dull brickwork, relieving the monotony of brick facings which bore the mind as well as the eyes and need more than a coat of paint.

As external features, stone cladding can do quite literally anything. Getting an external design from the bland and ridiculous to the sublime is a lot easier than many homeowners may imagine. It can liven up an entire building with ease, add features to landscaping, and even decorate basic garden designs like retaining walls.

Stone cladding can create a dream home. When you find the stone you want, you'll see why, as well as how.