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GILBERTS (BLACKPOOL) LTD LOUVRES - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Gilberts (Blackpool) limited is one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of Grilles, Diffusers, Louvres, Smoke/Fire Dampers and Natural Ventilation Systems for the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning industry. Privately owned, the Company was originally established in 1960 by the owner Gil Haslam.

With nearly 50 years  of industry experience the Company has evolved from  modest origins as a manufacturer of Domestic Warm Air Heating Grilles to now become one of largest UK manufacturers of Commercial Air Distribution products.

Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably not require commercial air distribtion systems but some of the more modern larger contemporary designed homes are now installing a more controlled complex method of ventilating the home requiring louvres and grilles. Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate their products within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building product for inclusion within their own house extension scheme.

Saving Money With Warm Air Heating

Like with most modern innovations, warm air heating brings with it enhanced efficiency and practicality. For commercial property owners, this means more savings on bills over an extended period of time. That's why there now exist companies which specialise in warm air heating systems of all kinds and complexities, both in the installation stages right through to servicing, maintenance and repair. If you're considering replacing your heating system or installing heating in a new build or un-heated property, warm air heating is the option which brings your establishment in line with modern industrial innovations and trends.

That's because this type of commercial heating has largely replaced water based systems in the commercial and industrial sectors. To safeguard the value of a property and ensure resale, it's essential that a reputable specialist installs a modern warm air system.

After doing so, businesses will benefit from energy savings of up to 20% which translates into considerable utility savings across a number of months. Using less energy also means that companies can honour any commitments to reducing their carbon footprint and boost their green credentials.

When selecting your contractor, look for one which understands that no two properties are the same and as such, no two heating systems will be identical. The better firms assess every client's property in order to select the best type of heating for them.

Options include forced air heating and natural ventilation heating; the former is effective at removing fumes and/or bad odours and the latter systems use a very small amount of energy to operate. Your chosen specialist should be able to explain why a certain system is more appropriate; if they cannot then it's worth exercising caution.

Don't worry if the installation quotation seems a little more expensive than other heating types either; this is normal, and costs will soon be recouped via long term energy savings.

The beauty of warm air heating systems is that they can also be used for air conditioning purposes if required. Rather than having expensive and bulky additional air conditioning units littering the premises, warm air specialists can provide an all encompassing solution which has every base covered.