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BUILDING SIMULATION - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably benefit from using building simulation or modelling products during the design build up.  Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate this within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building design approach for inclusion within their own house extension scheme.

Building Design Benefits From 3D Design Software

Fix Problems in the Planning Stage

When hiring a design firm, it can be difficult for building owners to express exactly what they want the final structure to look like. Whether they are revamping an existing structure or putting a new building, they usually have definite ideas about the style they want.

The problem is they don't know the language of design so designers are left to make their best guess as to what the client is asking for. Unfortunately once the project is finished the client may be unsatisfied.

3D design software allows designers and clients to cooperate more easily. Designers can create a realistic simulation of what the new building facade or signage will look like. If it is not exactly what the client wants, the designer can easily make changes. The final look can be perfected before a single nail is driven.

Virtual Walkthroughs Offer New Perspective

Older versions of 3D design software took hours to render a single image. They were capable of creating only static pictures and left clients with limited ability to judge the success of a design. A project that looks great from one angle might not work from another, but the client had no way of knowing until construction was complete.

Modern 3D design software and powerful computers allow designers to create vibrant 3D worlds. Clients can now walk through the new building, seeing a design from every angle and even seeing how the design flows as a costumer moves through the building. It offers clients a perspective unlike anything they had before, second only to actually walking through the finished project.

3D Design Software Saves Clients Money

The biggest advantage of 3D design software is not the pretty pictures it creates but the reduced cost to the final project. Now that both clients and designers can look at a project proposal in detail, any problems with the design can be caught and corrected before construction begins. It wasn't that long ago that only after a project was well underway could these errors be found, necessitating expensive demolition of the old design.

Clients love the technology because it minimizes the amount of construction that must be done and the money that must be spent. Designers love the technology because it gives them clean, fast project and happy customers.

Even construction crews love the technology because they know exactly what needs to be done before they start. It has opened up revolutionary new design possibilities and led to some of the most breathtaking decors the architectural world has ever seen.