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POLYFLOR LIMITED - Building Materials and Architectural Building Products

Based near Manchester, England, Polyflor is a major manufacturer of commercial floorcoverings, operating successfully throughout the world.

Polyflor are constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace. They have invested £34 million in plant and equipment over the last decade, enhancing and expanding our product portfolio to provide added value for our customers.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is our customer focus, and they work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation.

Polyflor have dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and design team to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of agents, distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout all markets, to ensure excellent product and sample availability.

Most home extensions requiring planning permission will probably benefit from using their products during the build.  Many Architects or House Extension Designers can incorporate their products within the scheme design drawings and specifications.

The following article may be of interest for homeowners researching this type of building product for inclusion within their own house extension scheme.

The Many Different Options For Garage Floor Covering

Applying a garage floor covering can be an affordable a great way to refinish or repair your garage or work space's floor. If you spend the money and time to apply a garage floor covering in can vastly improve look and durability of your spaces floor. Be sure to check out all the options you have for covering your garage or work space's floor because you have a wide variety of options to choose from that will fit your needs.

Epoxy and latex paint is the most common garage floor covering options. The wide variety of color and texture options you can select from to fit your current design or theme is one of the main reasons they are so popular. You can protect your cement from oil, grease, and dirt with the use of epoxy and latex paint.

Tiles are also a great option for your garage floor covering. They offer more color and texture options and a higher durability than that of the paint covering options. You can also expect to repair and touch up tiles less often than the epoxy and latex paint because tiles offer a longer use. If you have a lot of traffic in your garage or work space you may want to opt for a cheaper, less quality tile to save you money in the long run.

The best garage floor covering option for people on a tight budget is floor mats. The mats can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are the most affordable option to finish and protect your floor. Mats can be purchase to fit the exact size of your vehicle or to cover your entire garage space. You can get your floor cover mats in a variety of materials like rubber, laminate and vinyl, among others.

You can find the best floor cover options for your needs if you take the time to consider all of the available options you have. Considering how much traffic you have in the garage and what type of work you will be performing will help determine the type of flooring you should get. Some floor covering options are more expensive than others so your budget will also be a factor when selecting your preferred method of garage floor covering.

Epoxy and latex paint kits can be found for under $100 while the floor mat options could run you a couple hundred dollars. You will need to allow yourself at least a week to apply both the paint and the tile garage floor covering options. For floor mats, the smaller versions can be installed quickly and the larger ones will normally not take more than one hour or so. Do not hesitate to hire a professional if you want the paint and tile options but simply do not have to time to apply it yourself. If you hire a professional you will have your work backed with a warranty and can be relatively inexpensive.