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Planning Panel - How to influence the planning process

When working to influence the planning process:

Respond to the planning application 

Get as many people as possible to respond 

Try to get the application called in 

If your local authority is reviewing its local plan (known now as the Local Development Framework or LDF) you could try and persuade it adopt certain principles.

There will be a local public inquiry into the local plan with an Inspector. You can also appear in front of the Inspector at the inquiry and make the case. The inspector may agree with you.  Unfortunately the council can have the power to overrule the inspector.

To find out the review schedule for the different parts of your local development framework, and how you could input into it, contact your local authority.

Influence planning applications  - your strategy should be to:

  • Find out when the planning application is likely to be published
  • Prepare for the application, by creating a strategy and drafting publicity
  • Once the application is out, try to get as many viewpoints as possible

This will all happen very fast, and you will have only a few weeks to mount your campaign and mobilise campaingers.



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