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Local Development Framework Monitoring: A Good Practice Guide

  • Published: N/A
  • Site: Planning, building and the environment


The Guide, published in March 2005, aims to explain how the local development framework monitoring requirements of the Act, the Local Planning Regulations, the SEA Regulations and Planning Policy Statement 12: Local Development Frameworks can be achieved by local planning authorities.

Please note: Table 4.4 and Annex B have been replaced by Regional Spatial Strategy and Local Development Framework: Core Output Indicators - Update 2/2008, published 10 July 2008.

Note: The above publication was issued by our former department, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM). ODPM became Communities and Local Government on 5 May 2006 - all references in the text to ODPM now refer to Communities and Local Government.



Local Development Framework Monitoring: A Good Practice Guide


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