residential development guide for home extensions and new dwellings 


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How to use Permitted Development

The new Permitted Development (PD) rights introduced in October 2008 could be described as very development friendly & should always be looked into when extending or developing a property.

Our Maximum Build Planning Guide  Ebook will give you many ideas and explain some of the technical issues and traps that are often encountered by the public and developers alike.

It is often a case of exploring a 'two prong' approach in order to utilise the sites PD rights where it is often said to be the 'Planning Consent you already own' and exploring a formal Planning design through the normal Planning system at the same time. 

However, it is often wise not to let the Planners know what your PD intension's may be just in case this prejudices the formal planning application development scheme.

Our Ebook will give you ideas and strategies for dealing with such 'combination schemes' to give you the best possible chance of developing / extending your site.

Planning Permision in the Open Countryside