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Aerial Photography Guide

Aerial Close-up Ltd is successfully pioneering the use of low-level aerial photographs to support planning applications. Most planning submissions will benefit greatly from a number of bird’s-eye view images of the site. This will assist the planning committee in its overall understanding of the proposed scheme and to ‘set the site’ within its immediate surroundings.

Planning appeals is another successful area and recently assisted a national house builder to win permission for a development of flats on appeal. The original application was rejected due to the objections of surrounding householders concerning their loss of privacy.

To determine exactly what could be seen from this new development, Aerial photographers sited their telescopic mast at the precise location of each of the proposed blocks of flats. The remote control camera was raised to the height of the window openings in the each of the three storeys to capture the view into the gardens of surrounding properties. 

The aerial images precisely recorded what could and could not be seen from the proposed new development and were used by the client to successfully appeal against the original decision.


Aerial Mapping - Historic Cornwall


Planning Permision in the Open Countryside