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Planning Permission for fences, planning permission for extensions, planning permission for conservatories, planning permission for loft conversions, planning permission for a new house....

Are these some of the planning permission issues you are seeking advice & answers on? Are you seeking to obtain your best chances of obtaining Planning Permission for your fence or other boundary treatment.  Are you looking to maximise your development potential for being granted Planning Permission.

Then look no further, obtain our Maximum Build Planning permission guide to improve your chances at obtaining a suitable planning permission.  Fences often need Planning Permission.  Some fencing schemes can be built under the sites Permitted Development allowances.

YOU NEED TO OBTAIN OUR 'MAXIMUM BUILD' PLANNING GUIDE - written & created by your very own Planning Consultant.

New simple to understand Planning Guide... "Puts dozens of strategies & risk assessments procedures that you should be completing BEFORE you present a scheme for formal Planning Permission in the UK.  New fences often require permission & are often the subject of conditions on any  granted planning permssion". Order your 'ebook' today & find out how the 'Professional Planning Consultant' prepares a scheme for residential development on new fences & other development schemes PRIOR to formally submitting an extension scheme or full site redevelopment to the Planners!). Obtaining Planning Permission for new fences or other residential development in either extending your property or redeveloping the site for new dwellings needs careful presentation & a risk assessment prior to submitting for Planning Consent. A badly presented scheme to the Planning Department by the Novice home owner can lead to an Automatic Rejection & a Planning Refusal that could be hard to overturn. Our MAXIMUM BUILD Guide will assist you in assessing your sites potential & what areas you can exploit prior to submitting your scheme for Planning Permission whether it be for new fences or any other type of residential development.

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